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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 1, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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governor, thank you. >> thank you. >> sean: let your heart not be troubled. greta is next to go on the record. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight the blunder blame game. most people, democrats and republicans, confess the white house botched its response to the deadly libya attack. who is to blame and should someone pay for the blunder? was it more than a blunder? was it's a lie? >> i think that susan rice needs to step down. one of two things occurred. either she saw the intelligence and decided she was going to nuance or tweak and say what she said, calling it's a response to the video, or she was told by those above her to go out and say this was a response to the video. >> eithe either ambassador rices deliberately misleading the american people or showed such a
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lack of knowledge or sophistication she shouldn't told that position anymore. >> today we see things differently. i mean, we see the thing unravel in banghazi. the question is why did they send susan rice out? why i was it necessary for her to go out on five shows and say it was spontaneous. why not saying we have an ongoing investigation. i'm not going to say more. we're going to learn more. >> secretary clinton believes that ambassador rice has done a superb job. let's just start that. we completely reject calls here in this building. >> at a time when most americans would want to rally around our country at the death of four americans serving our country, instead we've had this bizarre response, which only leads to me believe there was, number one, there was gross negligence involved, or the president doesn't want us to realize libya may be a failed state in the fbi
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agents can't even make into banghazi. >> i watched the presentation. i thought it was amazing that someone in her position would go on with that degree of certainty, that fast, and that authoritatively and be that wrong. >> did you know the chairman of the homeland security committee has asked for susan rice to resign? does the president have 100% confidence in susan rice? >> absolutely. she's done a terrific job for this country, for this administration. >> we do know the administration has been extremely inconsistent. we know this was a preplanned terrorist attack. the point i'm trying to make is, we need to get ulthe facts to prevent that from happening again, but enjoy this is indicative of a broader picture, which is the absolute unraveling of the obama administration's foreign policy. >> this was a terrorist attack on 9/11 that took the life of a united states ambassador, an american ambassador. this is serious stuff. americans deserve the truth on what happened.
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>> greta: so u.n. ambassador rice resign? earlier former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld went on the secretary. mr. secretary, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> greta: there are many calls for ambassador to the u.n., susan rice, to resign. she has the backup of the secretary of state and the president, but there are calls for her to resign after going on all the talk shows and pushing this youtube video as the reason, the cause. your thoughts, sir? >> well, that's really up to the president and ambassador as far as i'm concerned. i think that the president can nominate who he wants, and the senate confirmed her. and she's the ambassador while she's there. i watched the presentation. and i thought it was amazing that someone in her position would go on with that degree of certainty, that fast, and that authoritiatively and be that
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wrong. >> greta: do you think she was perhaps hung out to dry? i thought it was unusual that the ambassador of the u.n. would make that appearance after that event? i would have expected some other member of the administration, not the ambassador of the u.n. >> i agree. it may have been that she was already scheduled and they used her. she was demonstrated to be inaccurate within a matter of hours, which has to be rrngreta >> what about the investigation? we are confirming, this morning, one of my colleague, a producer at the pentagon, that the fbi has still not set foo in benghazi? is trying. and my guess is that he individe decision has decided that the situation's still not safe for
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that team of people to go in. obviously every day that goes by means that the -- the scene will have been sufficiently disturbed, that the likelihood of their learning much diminishes with every passing day. >> greta: how could it not be safe for our fbi who are pretty well trained for security, yet it was safe for our ambassador and others to be there? >> it wasn't safe. >> greta: well, no, but the thinking. i mean, obviously it wasn't, because they were killed. but the thinking that the fbi are not tough enough and armed enough and ready to go and investigate that, because as you say as time marches on, we lose evidence, we lose information. >> sure. i think that once an event like that happens, and the people are killed, it's clear that they misjudged the security situation. they didn't have the kind of security that they needed to stay alive. and my guess is that it's very
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difficult for the fbi to figure out exactly what the security situation would be. if they go in, it would be noted. they would be a target. and it may very well be that the government is encouraging them not to. it could be that that they just have concluded that they would make such a presence if they went in, that they could become a sizable target. i just don't know. i think it's unfortunate that they've not been able to get into the crime scene. >> greta: you know, i've always been on the outside. it's very different on the outside than the inside. i'm curious if you have any sort of thought why the administration went out with the youtube video theory to begin with, because on the outside, it's 9/11, it's americans in a hostile environment, and on our territory, a consulate in libya, yet they went out with the youtube and they stuck with it for so many days. you know, even without the ability of intelligence, i would
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have at least couched it differently. >> well, you're quite right. they made a terrible mistake. i think what they did was, you know, hope springs eternal. they wanted it to be the youtube and they -- it was much more convenient from the administration's standpoint to have it be the film that nobody's seen. and yet it demonstrated such serious misjudgments on their part to think that they could make it be the youtube, which it wasn't obviously, as time's gone by, and i quite agree with you, that anyone looking at it, knowing the history of september 11th, would at least have registered that that could very well have been part of an organized attack, which apparently now people in the administration have acknowledged, that it was a planned attack. >> greta: is 3is there a conseqe
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of a misjudgment, or is it something we all chatter about it among ourselves? there is a consequence to that mistake or misjudgment as you called it? >> i think so. you know, anyone can make a mistake. you can have one incident where it's happened, something happens, but they've had a pattern where the leaks out of white house and the presentations by the white house have been the kind of thing that in retrospect, looking at them all as a pattern, they're calculated to try to make the president look like he's in charge, and that he is not being -- that his foreign policy is working instead of the fact that it seems to be unraveling as we watch the world scene. we see that country after country -- i don't know how many it's been, 15 or 20, where the people have been burning american flags, have been burning pictures of the president of the united states, have been attacking embassies in
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one way or another, demonstrating an opposition to the united states and to the policies that this president has put forward. and that's got to be disturbing, but you're in the middle of a political campaign, so it makes the administration look bad. my impression is that they're trying to spin things in a way that will mute the difficulties we face in the world, and they're serious difficulties. >> greta: how do you describe his foreign policy? >> i think that the foreign policy of this administration, for 3 1/2, 4 years now, has been one of a step back. the phrase that came out of the white house, to leads from behind, which you can't lead from behind. leaders lead from the front. the economic management of our country has told the world that
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we're in decline, and it was sufficient that the vice president of the united states had to go at his convention and say, we're not in decline. now, why did he have to say that? because it's clear the country is managing its economic affairs in a way that tells the world we're modeling america after europe. that's a failed model. the idea of another half a trillion cut in the defense budget sends the signal out to the world that the united states will not be in a position to contribute to peace and stability and contribute to a better world, which we've done throughout my adult life. our country has been a factor, a presence, but it's in withdrawal under this administration. a vacuum abhors a -- it just -- it will be filled by somebody, and it will filled by countries that don't have our best interest at heart. >> greta: if someone from the administration were here, the
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response would be, well, he inherited two wars, and a deep recession. >> uh-huh. >> greta: now the debt has gotten much larger. i mean, there's no question about it. >> there's the understatement of the year. >> greta: how do you respond to, like, you know, what should he have done differently, or how would you have -- i realize there's some value to 20/20 hindsight, but i know you also have your own thoughts even if this was back 3 1/2 years ago. >> i mean, just to give you one example, when you demonstrate weakness as a country, people take advantage of that. the phrase "weakness is provocative" is real. it encourages people to do things they otherwise wouldn't have. this pattern of apology by this president, the pattern of not even getting a status of forces agreement in iraq, where we would have had an arrangement with that country, the setting of a timetable in afghanistan, it seems to me, all are examples
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of a withdrawal, a decline, a pullback by our country. i think that that's unfortunate, because i think that the -- that vacuum's being filled, and it's being filled by people who don't have our interests at heart. >> greta: you mentioned iraq. i read just moments before coming in here that september was our deadliest month, the deadliest month in iraq in 12 years. >> there were -- the fact that a number of additional troops were put in afghanistan led to additional targets in afghanistan. aren't there, too, we've seen a good many attacks against our forces. >> sean: we hit our 2,000 milepost over the weekend in afghanistan. >> exactly. >> greta: that doesn't count the people who came back severely injured and may have died from their injuries. >> exactly. >> greta: so your assessment of the war now. both wars. >> i think that each country is
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considerably better off by not having the taliban in afghanistan, not having saddam hussein in iraq. the countries have been given an opportunity to have a freer political system, a freer economic system. they've fashioned their own constitutions. they are going to have to -- those countries are going to have to plan their future and figure out their future and make their future. we can't build nations for other countries, the united states. but we can be helpful. if we do it in a wise way, we can set them on a path that will be better for their people and better for the region and better for the united states. that does not mean we have to stay there forever, in my view. >> greta: this administration -- i was in afghanistan, and secretary of state hillary clinton told a group of women that the united states would not leave and let the taliban come and continue to do the things to the women that they're going to do, that they did historically. looks like the taliban is coming in full force. >> i don't know that.
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>> greta: you don't think they're coming in at full force, the taliban? i guess there's a strong presence of the taliban right now. >> there's no question the taliban was shoved out of that country, and a karzai government was elected and a new constitution. it's also no question but that they've been reorganizing in pakistan, and they've been attempting to reassert themselves within the country. how far they'll get, i don't know. i think that -- i think that the people of afghanistan were relieved when the taliban was gone. now, is it intimidating? do they kill people? you bet. they were using the soccer stadiums to cut off heads. women couldn't go out without a male member of their family. women couldn't get healthcare in that country. but a lot of refugees who left the country have come back. i think the people of afghanistan like the fact that they had an election and voted for their parliament. i think they have a crack at building a better country.
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>> greta: are you optimistic? >> i'm realistic, i think. i think it's up to them. they're going to have to pull up their socks and grab it and make it work, make it work in a way that won't be exactly the way we made it work. it's a tough path for them, no question about it. >> greta: egypt, now that president morsi is in command. your thoughts. is this better for the united states? how does israel -- is this better for israel? should israel be nervous or uncertain, or is this worse? >> i think it's worse for israel, without question. i mean, sadat, anwar sadat, and mubarak, fashioned a relationship with israel that created a stable situation there, and put israel in a much more secure circumstance. morsi is muslim brotherhood. the parliament, with the muslim brotherhood, have control. the stabilizing influence in that country, in my view, is the military. and how that will shake out over
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time, but i personally -- i don't think we're better off there. i think you can't be better off with a muslim brotherhood government in egypt in my view. furthermore, i think you can't be better off if the impression in that part of the world is that we've turned away from the liberals, we've turned away from the people that were supporters of a freer political system and economic system. i guess the secretary of state when she was over there, had tomatoes thrown at the united states secretary of state. it wasn't by muslim brotherhood people. i'm told it was by people who feel that we've left them. we've left them in the lurch. and the other problem you have with what happened to mubarak is, other countries around the world see that, they see that the white house, in the united states, as they say threw him under the bus, cut him loose, said he should go. every leader in that part of the world wonders, are they next? are they going to be told by the
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white house that they should go and shift support away from them. our country went through a horrible civil war. we had slaves. we didn't arrive like this. those countries won't be perfect. they'll be imperfect, if perfect is what we think of ourselves. we're still evolving. they're going to evolve. they're going to be different than we are. for us to be as judgmental, that we'll be better off with the muslim brotherhood we are with sadat or mubarak governments, or that israel's going to be better off, i think is missing the point. i don't believe that's true. >> greta: one last question. the next four years with a president romney and foreign policy and next four years with a president obama foreign colorado. what do you foresee as the difference and where are they similar? >> oh, i think the difference
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will be significant. normally the republican and the democratic party have really within wibeen within the 40 yaro use a seasonal figure of speech. in the case of this president, we're not. he's way, way over in terms of the policy. governor romney without doubt understands that our country is exceptional. he recognizes the role we've played in the world. he believes the world is a better place if we're a participant in that world, and recognizes that it is not for us to go around the world apologizing and ringing our hands. what's called the arab spring is something happening in the islamic world. it's not arab only, because it's happening in a good many other countries as you know well. it's not spring, but it's summer and fall. it's going to be winter. it is a significant shift on the
10:19 pm
part of a lot of people in a lot of countries, who are encouraged and see the rise of islamist nonsecular forces in those countries. that is not in our interest. >> greta: mr. secretary, always nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, why is the obama administration telling companies to break the law? how can the president justify this? making matters worse, the president is promising to pay the legal bills of the companies breaking the law with, you guessed it, taxpayer money. this story is likely to unglue you. former governor haley barbour is outraged. he's here and next. also you must hear what these two men are saying. senator john mccain and governogovernor chris christie. could the obama secret weapon be used against them?
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>> greta: the white house is playing fast and loose with this one. the administration is telling companies to break the law. get this. the president is putting you -- yes, you -- on hook to pay the legal bills for the businesses violating the law. here's the facts. sequestration hits in three months. the reason, neither the president nor congress is doing their job to keep us from going off the fiscal cliff. defense contractors have to make cuts. by law, they must warn employees if their jobs are on the line, but the obama administration is now telling companies hold on, don't warn anyone yet. an obama administration memo says if a company gets sued for breaking the law, the labor
10:24 pm
department -- that means you -- will cover the legal bill. so is president obama pledging taxpayer money to push this back until after the election to give himself political cover? joining us is haley barbour. welcome, governor. why is he doing this. >> the law is clear, because the sequestration, companies are going to make layoffs, they have to give notice. the obama administration is telling, don't tell anybody you're going to get laid off because what's happening in the administration, but they go beyond that and say not only don't comply with the law, but we'll make the taxpayers pay your legal bills. i mean, it's outrageous. it really is. >> greta: i pulled up old numbers, like for fannie mae where we paid legal bills, three people, $99 million.
10:25 pm
there's no policing of the lawyers. there's no reason the taxpayers should pay one dime in this instance for the defense contractors. where does the president get the authority to pledge our money to pay legal bills for breaking the law? >> well, obviously he doesn't have that authority. simply does not have that authority. but, you know, you talk about this egregious violation where they're telling people don't abide by the law, but go back to the whole administration. i mean, this has been an administration where, you know, they've taken actions, the actions failed to get the result they wanted, and then they don't come clean with the american people about it. you saw the other night, greta, the kaiser family foundation, big proponents of obamacare, announced that since obamacare family health insurance rates have gone up $3,000 a year. remember when obama was running for president?
10:26 pm
he said vote for me and your insurance premiums will go down $2500. here's a $5500 difference for the average american family. what does this administration say about it? oh, forget that, forget that. >> greta: in case anyone out there thinks this is fanciful, already lockheed martin has taken the beat. lockheed martin announcing today they will not issue layoffs, even though they know right now there's a $500 billion cut coming up. they announced they will not issue layoff notices, in violation of the law. here's the twist. lock heed is one of the biggest employers in state of virginia, a swing state. >> look, there's no question this is all about politics. let me just say, i don't so much
10:27 pm
blame lockheed martin, but the truth is the democratic side who wanted to make these defense cuts, and the average lockheed martin employees, any other defense contractor, their jobs are in jeopardy because the left would not agree and we ended up with huge defense cuts if the sequestration takes place. it's going take place, greta. it's not if. it is. >> greta: the president is the leader. the responsibility comes from him. he should be calling the house back, the senate back, and resolving the sequestration thing. instead what he's doing, telling companies, forget about it, don't worry, when you get a legal bill, i'll write a check with taxpayer money to cover it, because you're a swing state, if you're a big employer in virginia. it's so appalling, the disregard
10:28 pm
for doing the job, getting the sequestration done, and the republicans out campaigning, they're just as accountable, and the taxpayers have to foot the tax bill and never get a say in it. >> more sadly to me is the fact that the president goes on tv the other day and says, well, the debt and the deficit in the country, now, that's a problem in the long term, but it's not a short-term problem. the truth the average american understands the truth. the american government can't spend itself rich just like the american family want spend itself rich. if just the debt is a long-term problem, if you wait till the long term, the kinds of changes you'll have to make, the kind of cuts, the kind of cracking-down are unbelievable by the standards that if we deal with this today it is not that big a deal. >> greta: governor, they're not even working on it. i mean, nothing is being done by anybody to work on it.
10:29 pm
absolutely zero. >> in all fairness, nothing has been done by barack obama. i mean, barack obama hasn't introduced a budget in three years that a democrat would vote for, but paul ryan has. >> greta: if i were a republican right now, i'd be here in washington, saying where's the president? >> but paul ryan has produced budgets, and the democrats say these terrible draconian budgets -- under paul ryan's budget, spending goes up 3% a year, but doesn't go up 4.5% a year like obama wants. >> greta: but senator harry reid won't even put a budget on the floor. >> that's right. not a democratic senator for two years has voted for an obama budget. not one. >> greta: governor, as always, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: coming up, andrew brightbart's final film is out. it's explosive. and also governor chris christie ♪
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to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> greta: protests are flaring up across the world. when you see protests violent overseas, you may think we don't see this kind of thing in america. you'll think twice after you see this. andrew breitbart's final film "occupy unmasked." >> i'm so impressed by what i see here.
10:33 pm
>> i kind of liked it, that they're sort of militantly vague at this point. >> we are finally telling you the true story of the radicals behind the occupy movement. >> greta: "occupy unmasked" writer and director joins us from new york, a and the producr is here with us in washington. this is andrew breitbart's last movie. >> tough watching him on the big screen. he was so alive. people that knew andrew, he was full of life. andrew breitbart never backed down from a fight. he was a man's man. he really loved his wife and kids, loved fighting for this country, what he thought was right, the conservative cause. steve and i made this film with him. he passed away suddenly, tragically, just after we
10:34 pm
finished principal photography. he's a main part of this movie. we're so proud of being able to bring this out and remember andrew when we watch it. >> greta: steve, what did you learn from this movie? i know it's a documentary, you went in to study occupy wall street. what did you learn? the one thing i learned, these guys know what they're doing. if you think how they changed the conversation. greta, we start the film in a prologue in the summer of 2011 with the national debate that you just talked about in the previous block about cutting spending, increasing debt for the first time. the occupy movement started six weeks later in zuccotti park, and essentially changed the conversation. we don't talk about the guests . we don't talk about the national debt. we haven't had a meaningful conversation since 2011. one of the reasons was the occupy movement. they're changed the debate to fairness, equality, 1% versus the 99%. i found they're very effective.
10:35 pm
>> greta: david, difference between the tea party movement and occupy wall street is what. where are they the same? >> they're not the same whatsoever. i know the mainstream media loves to equate the two, but the reality is they're not the same. the tea party came together and put their voices together. they would come together in 100, 5,000. a million people would get together. first there would be no violence. there would be no attacks on the police. there would be no attacks on each other. then of course you have the violence that's at the occupy movement. violence on each other and the violence on the police officers. that's what struck me. you talk about learning something. i never thought i would see in the streets of american cities attacks on police officers, men and women in uniform, doing their job like it was a central american or south american dictatorship. >> greta: steve, is there a person or a group or someone sort of orchestrating these? >> well, there's many, many different groups. one of the most significant groups is anonymous. i mean, the occupy movement could not take place unless you
10:36 pm
had the internet. the anonymous movement, the hackers, the hacktivists were center of this movement along with the labor unions. you couldn't have the occupy movement if you didn't have the internet. the anonymous group is really part of the untold story here. they're a central part of this occupy movement. >> greta: david, i haven't seen much about occupy wall street lately. it seems like it was very -- i mean, i read a lot about it, heard a lot bit a year ago, but don't see much bit now. >> just today they're here in washington, d.c., blocking "k" street. i mean, they're still there. they're still trying. their numbers may have dwindled over the last year, but i really think -- i think steve and i agree on this -- that they look at this as a marathon, not a sprint that this is really the warm-up for their marathon, when austerity comes, major budget cuts come, they'll be back in
10:37 pm
streets. >> greta: quickly, it's on the big screen? it's out? >> it is. we're excited to tell you it's in theaters. look at video on demand, whatever format you, type in "occupy unmasked" and watched andrew breitbart's latest work. >> greta: thank you very much. >> ranks thanks, greta. >> greta: coming up, ahead why a major difference between two presidents is exposed. in 90 seconds, look closely at this ikea ad is missing. this ikea ad is missing. what is it? two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. this ikea ad is missing. what is it? and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely.
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letter vitamin brand. learn more at >> greta: look at this photo. now look at this photo. notices anything different? is anything or anybody missing? here are the two pictures side by side. see it now? the swedish furniture retailer ikea is coming under attack for literally erasing women out of the catalog. you won't see the difference in all the catalogs, just the saudi version. the saudi arabian version does not include women. ikea released a statement expressing regret, saying we realize that excluding women from the saudi arabia version of the catalog is in conflict with ikea's ideals. is disrespecting women to boost their bottom line or disrespecting standards?
10:40 pm
go to and tell us
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hey kev, how about a bike ride? huh? you're not my dad ahhhhh!!! hey honey, back feels better, little dancing tonight, you and me? hey boy, you wanna go for a walk? dr. scholl's pro inserts technology relieve different types of lower body pain by treating at the source so you're a whole new you. where is everybody? that's not your dad. go pro with dr. scholl's. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. right now, american airlines inspecting the seats on eight 757 jets. passenger seats coming loose during american flights on saturday and monday. a spokesperson says there could be a problem with the way the seats are secured. the faa is investigating now. there is no indication that the
10:42 pm
situation could be related to the tensions between labor and management for the airline. the airline filing for bankruptcy and cutting labor costs and laying off maintenance workers. we have new information on last thursday's shooting in a minnesota sign shop, where five people died. the gunman was an employee. he worked his shift. he was told to meet with his boss. he was fired for poor performance and then opened fire after getting his last paycheck. he later took his own life. i'm aindz. back to "on the record" with greta. thanks for watching. turning president obama's secret weapon against him. the american crossroads ad takes vicious hits at president obama, but the brutal blow comes when the president's response to terror attacks is compared to that of former president clinton. >> at the annual u.n. meeting where rogue nations are calling for a new world order, obama snubbed key allies and skipped
10:43 pm
meetings with world leaders so he could be on tv. >> we've actually brought some cloth napkins as well. i'm just supposed to be eye candy here. >> this doesn't seem like a very defensible position. >> when american embassies were attacked by terrorists, president clinton responded with missiles. president bush put his cabinet on hold. president obama needs to learn being president isn't just about being on tv and doing your job. it's about leadership. it's time for a president that gets it. >> greta: let's get right to the panel. byron? >> this add says what every conservative was saying to himself and the other conservat. they were outraged by this whole story, the terrorist attack in libya, demonstrations in other places were the result of this
10:44 pm
internet video. they didn't believe that for a minute. when president obama went off to las vegas to raise money, they thought that was inappropriate. then he goes to new york and doesn't talk to anybody else, any world leaders, goes on tv. this ad says exactly what conservatives have been complaining about about president obama. >> and it ends, i think, with the key line, an argument that a lot of conservatives have been making, going back months to the beginning of the general election, i think, that ends with the key line "it's about leadership." there's a theory of the race that a lot of conservatives hold that this race should be about leadership. the economy should be exhibit one or 1-ia, but it includes the indictment like we saw in that ad. >> it's not yet a 30-second ad in a battleground state. if it becomes an ad in a battleground state, like ohio or colorado, one. those, it may very well be an effective pitch in the last five
10:45 pm
weeks, because it's chipping away at the president's chief argument that he's restored america's credibility around the world, he's become a reputable leadership wheleader when it con policy. if you look at explanations and statements given about this, they've been inconsistent. >> greta: byron, you said no conservative believed it from the beginning. i don't know any liberal from the very beginning. i mean, seriously. i don't know who bought that whole business about the youtube thing, except it was the line coming out of the white house. >> well, yeah. it didn't make sense. when susan rice, the ambassador of the united nations, said it over and over on the sunday shows, that was a major problem. so this is -- conservatives have been unhappy with the romney campaign for not making more of this. you know, romney came out late at night, the night of september 11th, after this had happened, but before he knew that ambassador stevens had been
10:46 pm
killed, came out, criticized the statement that had come out of the cairo embassy about the -- about the demonstrations there. then got a huge amount of criticism. as the facts began to pile up against obama, the romney campaign stayed somewhat silent, and has still to this day not made a lot of the problems that developed. >> the debate is built entirely around foreign policy. if romney doesn't take advantage of that platform to raise questions, again, poke holes in the president's arguments -- >> greta: why isn't he now? this is coming from the super pac. >> i think the romney campaign thinks it can wait that long, at least some people in the romney campaign, think it can wait, and want to do his foreign policy right before that debate, so there's some bringing together of these arguments. i think the time is now. you had governor romney asked about this last week on his plane. you know, how has the administration handled it? he said, look, it's too early to judge it. that's not the right answer. they've handled it incorrectly.
10:47 pm
basically everybody across the political spectrum thinks they've handled it incorrectly. i wouldn't leave it to the super pacs to do my work for me. this is exactly the type of ads that conservatives are looking for. >> it appears the romney campaign got brushed back because of the criticism. >> greta: you mean they got gun-shy? >> exactly. as the folks began to show that the obama administration's story was not holding up, that there were serious problems with security there, and perhaps in other places around the world, they didn't jump on it. and, you know, if you wait until when the foreign policy debate is scheduled, which is three weeks from now, that's way too long for this to be a coherent narrative. >> greta: tomorrow a letter will be sent over to the secretary of state. we have advance copies where it lists all the incidents of danger in banghazi, even going back to last spring. >> "the washington post" has
10:48 pm
what i think will be an explosive story with the top u.s. commander in africa, making comments back in july, saying that the united states missed an opportunity to degrade or weaken or cripple al-qaeda in the in l. that's a top story to have a general making that statement before these attacks. >> greta: don't miss predictions next. also, he's a beacon of hate toward the united states, but does iranian president new prilosec otc wildberry is the same frequent heartburn treatment as plosec otc. now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor. now why make a flavored heartburn pill? because this is america. and we don't just make things you want, we make things you didn't even know you wanted. like a spoon fork. spray cheese. and jeans made out of sweatpants.
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>> i've seen mitt romney do this before. he's going to come in wednesday night, lay out his vision for
10:52 pm
america, contrast what his view is with what the president's record is, and the president's view for the future, and this whole race is going to be turned upside down come thursday morning. >> i know folks in the media are speculating already on who will have the best zingers. i don't know about that. who's going put the most points on the board. no, no. governor romney, he's a good debater. i'm just okay. >> the fact is, they're becoming a more and more important part of the political scene. look at the primary debates, how they got the attention of the american people. you'll see more viewers at this first debate you have in history. >> greta: striking prediction from senator mccain, a candidate who's both debated both president obama and governor romney. will a record number of americans be watching wednesday? is governor christie right, will
10:53 pm
this turn the presidential race upside down in byron? >> mitt romney at the south carolina primary, newt gingrich cleaned his clock. helhelp headedthey were headed o florida. romney felt he had his back to the wall, and he beat gingrich in both debates in florida. that's the spirit romney needs. he needs to do that well. >> greta: will he, steve hayes? reticent on this libya thing, he backed away a little bit. >> yeah. i think the tone of the romney campaign, particularly over the last week, has been a softer tone. they haven't wanted to be as confrontational with president obama. you have this line that mitt romney has been saying now throughout the entire, you know, election, president obama's a really nice guy, he's in over his head. i don't think that's the right attitude to take into the
10:54 pm
debate. i think he'll have to be aggressive. he'll have to be confrontational. doesn't mean he has to be nasty. there's a difference, but he has to be very aggressive, look like he's being aggressive to the viewers. >> greta: when he says he's over his head, that's a little condescending, that kind of thing. i think he'd be better saying he's wrong. >> well, either way. he has to seize this moment entirely. think back to those debates. how often did each of those candidates say, i want to be the guy who stands on the stage debating the president? if he can deliver a very strong attack against him, i don't see why that wouldn't bring republicans, anyone upset with the president with romney. he has to take full of that opportunity. there are republicans who dream of the opportunity to stand there toe-to-toe with the president. if there's any sense that he didn't do enough, they have to be very worried that people will have backed off, you know what, you had your chance, you didn't do it.
10:55 pm
>> greta: is it a game changer or an opportunity to put a dent in your opponent? >> who knows what can happen. sometimes big things happen in debates. there's no doubt it could happen. there's a tension in the romney campaign and the republican supporters between this idea of going after obama, kind of attacking him and being more aggressive toward him, which a lot of his supporters want to see. the focus group results that romney has looked at for months and months and months, in which he's trying to appeal to people who voted for obama in 2008, who don't want to be told they made a dumb decision, who want to be persuaded into voting for someone else. there's a attention, and romney will try to walk a line between those two things. >> you can't walk a line between those two things. pick your course and do it. they've clearly picked the first course. i think it hasn't proven effective. they may be appealing to some sliver groups, but they risk losing the broader group that could swing the election. >> i'm more curious to see the
10:56 pm
president, how directly does he confront the president, how aggressive is he with he, or does he back off? he mentions him in the ads, on the stump. how much could he get into the face of governor romney, and will that blow back? >> greta: we'll find out wednesday. >> we will. >> greta: coming up, mahmoud [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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